Inktober52 Art!

Inktober52- Prompt: Yellow (I photographed this bumblebee in our garden)

Since the first week in January I’ve been participating in Inktober52, the first year of an international event for pen and ink artists who are doing one drawing a week based on a prompt that is emailed out by the organizer Jake Parker, also the creator of Inktober (for which artists do a drawing a day for the month of October). We’re 24 weeks in now and so far I haven’t missed one. Finished art is posted on Instagram with the hashtag #inktober52. You can see lots of other great work there and you can see all the ones I’ve done so far here. Here’s a few more of my personal favorites:

Prompt: Elephant (I saw this African elephant on an art workshop/safari in Kenya in 2004)
Prompt: Train (I used photos of our cats for my models)
Prompt: Bubbles (I used a combination of baby elephant photos I took at the San Diego Zoo and in Kenya for this one)

As you can see I’m having fun using the event to try out all kinds of image ideas and pen and ink media. Some are done with dip pens and some with fountain pens.

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