My Current Field Kit- Wet Media

This is what I take into the field for doing watercolor. It all fits nicely into a day pack (see below).

Supply list:
1 Yarka Watercolor set
14 Watercolor brushes of various brands, shapes and sizes
1 7×5″ Strathmore Windpower sketchbook for composition and value studies prior to painting
1 Arches cold press watercolor block, 12×9″
12 or more 8×8″ loose pieces of Saunders Waterford coldpress paper
1 9×12″ piece of foamcore with packing taped edges to mount the 8×8″ pieces

1 zip pouch for accessories (see next photo) which contains:
1 roll of drafting tape
1 AquaTote foldable water holder
1 deli ziploc slider bag for rags and paper towels
1 tube of white watercolor
1 tube of Winsor Newton Payne’s Gray
1 kneaded rubber eraser
1 pencil sharpener

2 water containers (the one with the handle was originally a container for a sample of the Cheddar Gorge Cider Co.’s “Leg Bend” cider; it’s been part of my watercolor kit since the late 1990s)
1 square instant coffee jar with a snap-off lid for extra water

Above is the kit I use when, for instance, I’m going to be out walking a lot during the day. Everything I need will fit into the pockets of my Domke photographers vest, plus a bottle of drinking water and some snacks. I’ll also have a sketchbook

My minimal field kit contains:
1 set of Winsor Newton half-pan water colors or 1 Winsor Newton 12 half-pan travel set
1 travel brush, very old, point gone and just for adding color to my pen and ink sketches. It was purchased at the Heaton Cooper Studio shop in the Lake District back in the late 1990s.
1 Aquatote foldable water holder
1 water container of some kind
The 8×8″ loose pieces of Saunders Waterford cold press, foamcore support and drafting tape as above

Plus I’ll also have a sketchbook and my basic go-to pen and pencil set and one of my Nikon D750 cameras.

This day pack is an REI “book bag”. It has just the pockets and spaces I need for carrying my full set of watercolors, brushes and other supplies. The pack and my photo vest leave my hands free for taking photos and video.

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